Main research

The Apheresis Research Institute cooperates at national and international level with partners in the medical field at university, or specialized hospitals, or other medical facilities. In addition we cooperate with responsible bodies and institutions in the public health sector.

The following fields of extracorporeal blood purification are topics of current research projects of AFI:

Acute and chronic renal replacement therapy

  • High cut-off dialysis (HCO-dialysis)
  • Continuous renal replacement therapy, for example, CVVH
  • Anticoagulation for renal replacement therapy

Therapeutic apheresis

  • Lipid-apheresis, especially Lipidfiltration
  • Immunoadsorption, in particular tryptophan-immunoadsorption
  • Plasma exchange treatment / plasmapheresis
  • Liver support therapy
  • Double-filtration plasmapheresis (DFPP), incl. Rheopheresis
  • Anticoagulation for therapeutic apheresis

If you have any questions about research areas of Apheresis Research Institute, feel free to contact us.